GRANIT Shop System - Systematically to more turnover

In addition to expert advice and a comprehensive range of goods, the attractive presentation of one's own range of goods is a fundamental requirement for a successful sales concept.

1. Concept


In four steps to the optimal sales room


With the GRANIT shop system you can present your products effectively and clearly. Give your sales rooms a professional appearance and make use of the tailor-made shelving systems from GRANIT, which are adapted to your individual needs.


Based on the analysis of the sales rooms, the GRANIT shop specialists will develop an individual concept for your shop, tailored to your needs. The modular design of the GRANIT shop system makes it easy to design the sales room according to individual needs.


How are your own premises divided? Which shop modules are most useful for your shop? Where are which products best shown to advantage? Which articles should be placed?

The GRANIT employees from the shop team and their personal area manager in the field support you hand in hand in the planning of your shop with the composition of the individual shop modules, the placement of the shelf systems as well as the selection of the GRANIT products relevant for your customers. This allows the shop to be aligned and optimally designed according to the local customer structures and the individual product focus.

2. Planning


Identify needs and use resources wisely


For the best possible design of your own sales rooms, every square meter of the sales area should be used. In order to increase the turnover and profitability of your premises, comprehensive planning of the design of your own shop is the first important step on the road to success.


3. Establishment


The implementation of the concept in your premises


Once the concept has been worked out, it goes to the implementation on site. The GRANIT team will also help you here. From the construction of the individual modules according to the created concept, from the presentation of goods and shelf labeling to the equipping of the shelves: The GRANIT team will set up the shop according to the previously developed concept and, if necessary, adapt it again on site to the current needs and spatial conditions.


The easily changeable and expandable GRANIT shop system is suitable for the entire GRANIT product range, so that you can present and position the products in your premises in the best possible way for your customers.

4. Success


Set accents, achieve success - with the GRANIT shop system you are optimally positioned. You and your customers will benefit from a better overview, a better distribution and the effective use of spatial resources.


1. Extended clientele

Make shopping an experience for your customers: With the GRANIT shop system you can develop new target groups and retain existing customers.


2. More turnover

Longer stay, higher willingness to buy, more turnover: Thanks to the clear shop structure and the attractive presentation of goods, you can address your customers and expand your sales potential.


3. Best possible care

No empty shelves and unused waiting time at the counter: The customer can help himself in your GRANIT Shop and is encouraged to make spontaneous purchases while waiting at the spare parts counter.


4. Variety of goods on site

No virtual presentation of goods as with direct marketing on the Internet - with the GRANIT Shop System, your customers can see what they are buying. This creates trust for your consulting competence and binds your customers in the long term. You offer more than your competitors on the Internet!


5. Extended range of services

Products and service from one source: With the purchase of a spare part or accessory products, you can also offer your customers the associated services such as installation at the same time.


The GRANIT shop system is part of the innovative GRANIT 360° marketing system that spans several areas. Take advantage of the benefits that the GRANIT 360° Marketing System brings to you as a specialist dealer - for your local success.

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