SANDEN Air conditioning compressor
No. of grooves:
Technical data:
Sanden SD7H15-4374
24 V
Ø 138 mm
1 groove
Pulley Ø (mm):
Nominal voltage (V):
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WAECO air conditioning service unit
Technical data:
• Power supply: 220/240 V / 50/60 Hz
• Suitable for refrigerant: R 134a
• Purity of the recovered refrigerant in accordance with SAE J 2099: yes
• Refrigerant extraction quantity (kg/h): 30
• Vacuum pump capacity: 5 cars/hour
• Hermetically sealed compressor power (kW): 0.32
• Dry filter capacity (kg): 150
• Refrigerant recycling: almost 100%
• Can be used as a diagnostics tool: yes
• Charging cylinder storage capacity/useful capacity (kg): 15
• Filling capacity determined via: display
• Refrigerant analysis: no
• Extraction/recycling: automatic
• Non-condensable gas discharge: automatic/electronic
• Used oil drain: automatic
• Evacuation: automatic
• Vacuum check: automatic
• Nitrogen leak test: no
• Leak detection agent filling: automatic
• Air conditioning system oil filling: automatic
• Refrigerant filling: automatic
• High/low pressure display via: pressure gauge
• Vacuum display: display
• Entire process controlled via display: yes
• Evacuation time can be input: yes
• Report can be printed: yes
• USB port for software and database updates: yes
• Printer: yes
• Service hoses (SAE standard), 3 m: yes
• Service hoses (SAE standard), 8 m: no
• Bottle valve adaptor for WAECO refrigerant bottles: yes
• Adaptor for 500 ml fresh oil and UV contrast agent bottle: yes
• Hermetically sealed waste oil container: yes
• Heated refrigerant tank/liquid pump (F): yes/no
• Protective cover: yes
• Safety glasses/protective gloves: yes
• UV additive test bottles for approx. 10 applications: yes
• PAG fresh oil bottle ISO 46, 500 ml: yes
• PAG fresh oil bottle ISO 100, 500 ml: yes
• POE fresh oil bottle SE 55, 500 ml: no
• Dimensions (W x H x D, mm): 560 x 1300 x 650
• Weight (kg): 100
ASC 2500 G LOW EMISSION - umweltfreundliches Diagnosegerät für den Umgang mit R134a
Füllzylinderspeicher (kg):
Kältemittel-Recycling-Rate (%):
nahezu 100 %
Länge Serviceschläuche (m):
Drucker enthalten:
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WAECO Fitting
A (mm):
B (mm):
5/8" - 18UNF-2A
Hose size:
8 (13/32")
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CGS Recycling Tank
Pressure (bar):
Capacity (l):
R22, R134A, R404A, R407C
geeignet für Kältemittel:
R134a oder R1234yf, R22, R134A, R404A, R407C
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